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Passionate enthusiasm

Design is more than pretty style. Aesthetics, functionality and choice of materials mingle and become pure joy of life. Excellent product design makes our everyday life richer with their imagination, individuality and timelessness. For Berendsohn AG, there are other important aspects: In their creative work, designers consider economical production processes and create sustainable packaging. 

Therefore, we are always happy to tor with excellent professional designers. But we are also enthusiastic supporters of experimental designs or unconventional concepts for our industries developed by young, exuberant creative talents. One example is our cooperation with students from the Muthesius Art School in Kiel. These young people used exciting creative processes to create, research and ultimately realize different products.

The best gifts always have special value. It comes from their idea, their history or their origin. These thoughts were the basis for the Berendsohn Blue Line Collection. An aesthetically pleasing and sustainable collection of unique objects we created in close cooperation with our designers and artists. 

Here is a selection of our exclusive gifts:

Alfredo Häberli - "Observing is the best form of thinking."

Argentina-born Alfredo Häberli, who lives and works in Zurich, is one of the most successful and experimental contemporary designers. He is intrigued by creative solutions especially if a problem is also involved. And that’s when be starts solving it, inspired as he is by situations that are humorous, have occurred in the past or amazing ones he has experienced himself.

Alfredo Häberli has been creating designer products since 1991 for companies such as Spain’s fashion label Camper, Finland’s Iittala or the Swiss furniture producer Vitra. He has won numerous international awards for his designs.

For Berendsohn, Alfredo Häberli created a wooden figure, Bløk, and the Unda glass series.


One of humankind’s basic instincts is wanting to know what other people think. How they are. Even the first cave drawings conveyed feelings of worry or joy. Language was not necessary. The symbols, comprising drawings of a few simple lines, were an impressive way of giving a voice to moods.Even today, people use the most varied symbols to make others aware of their feelings, their attitude to current events or their way of thinking. Shapes and colours enable people to understand other people or cultures. The remarkable wooden figure BLØK embodies the idea of non-verbal communication in a playful and refreshing way.


Water has always exerted a special fascination on people, whether as mythical primordial matter, life-threatening hazard or natural refreshment. Today, fresh attention is being paid to water in a special way as a precious and palatable asset. The consumption of tap water could reduce the use of glass or PET bottles in the long term and avoid long transport routes. The Unda glass collection, comprising a decanter and glasses, is the result of this idea. 



PHOENIX DESIGN - "Logic, morality and magic."

Tom Schönherr and Andreas Haug, today both of them Phoenix Design Managing Partners, founded the design studio Phoenix Design in Stuttgart back in 1987. Their career is linked most closely to the rise of modern German design. For many years now, Phoenix Design has maintained the top rank at the iF ranking creative “design office” category and is regarded as the leading independent design studio for product and interface design worldwide. In 2016 Phoenix Design has 60 employees working at their locations in Stuttgart, Munich and Shanghai.

Phoenix Design has already received more than 700 international design awards. Brand companies like Hansgrohe, Lamy, Loewe, Trumpf, Viessmann, Vorwerk and Zeiss are among the long-standing clients.

Phoenix Design created the awarded Slim Line for us.


Writing today is usually done in a digital format. To transmit thoughts quickly you write an email or SMS. Which is why a handwritten letter is especially appreciated these days. This also applies to the writing implement. It is not only its charm and functionality that play a role here. Environmental responsibility in choosing and processing the materials used is also exceptionally important. The Slim writing set is based on these criteria – from the formal origins of writing with a quill pen to the use of certified maple and recyclable aluminium. Both writing implements, the ballpoint pen and propelling lead pencil can be completely taken apart and returned to material circulation, plus the refills/leads are replaceable.

Awarded with the Designpreis „Gute Gestaltung 2013“ by Deutscher Designer Club.


Porsche Design Studio - "Innovative, minimalist, technology."

In the early 1960s, the iconic Porsche 911 sports car was created under the auspices of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. In 1972 he established the Porsche Design Studio in Stuttgart and moved it to Zell am See in Austria a few years later.

The particular focus of the international Design Studio is on minimalist, functional design combined with the very latest technology. The extraordinary detail and perfectly executed craftsmanship using carefully selected materials contribute to the studio’s excellent reputation.

The Porsche Design Studio created a collectible plate for the Art Collection and the award-winning game Binus, which is part of the Blue Line Collection.


The extinction of flora or fauna is an evolutionary process from a geological point of view. Climate change and natural disasters have always resulted in the destruction of habitats. Many millions of species have become extinct, although many have also evolved and adapted to the conditions. In collaboration with WWF Germany the Porsche Design Studio has tackled an important issue of sustainable development in an entertaining way. The memo game Binus illustrates in a simple and aesthetic manner the extent to which each species shown is threatened with extinction. It is based on the 2011 Red List. The graphically simplified silhouettes of the 22 selected animals indicate their particular characteristic in an appealing and distinctive way. The seriousness of the threat to them is conveyed impressively by the number of animal shapes shown.

Awarded with: red dot design award 2013, if communication design award 2013, „Gute Gestaltung 2013“



Matteo Thun - "I work with rather than against nature."

Italy’s Matteo Thun is considered one of the most influential architects and designers of our era. He studied under Oskar Kokoschka, qualified as an architect at the University of Florence, has worked with Ettore Sottsass and was a co-founder of the legendary Memphis group. His studio in Milan is regarded as a model of holistic planning and since its founding in the 1980s it has adhered to the Milan school motto: from the spoon to the city. Matteo Thun does not just pay attention to the environmental responsibility of his work – for him it is a self-evident obligation.

His studio Matteo Thun & Partners established in 1984 has won numerous design awards in the last ten years. His clients include among others Hugo Boss, Steigenberger Hotels, Vapiano, Arzberg, Vodafone, Artemide, Campari and Zwilling.

Matteo Thun created several sustainable products, such as Torre, Castello, Piazza and Statue, and developed "Die Stille" (The Silence) and other graphic designs.

Torre & Castello

Natural table decoration enlivens any room with fragrance, a blaze of colour and authentic atmosphere. The two vases Torre and Castello are an expression of distinctive and contemporary table culture. These are simple and uncluttered vases with natural tactile appeal. Made from quality oak, stained with natural varnish and functionally equipped with a matching glass inlay. Even without flowers they are a perfect fit with contemporary architecture.


Using a bowl to present fruit or objects has been customary since the 15th century.The Piazza bowls of Matteo Thun are a return to these beginnings. They are reduced to the simple shape of a circle. With their gentle hollows they express something soothing and cultivated. The colours and the oak emphasise their focus on the essentials: to present what you are pleased to offer to others.


Vivid candlelight can be arranged to look unusual or stylish. The candleholder is a visual display of archetypal symbolism and an expression of your personality – spartan, seductive or dramatic. Matteo Thun has given his Statue candlesticks a deliberately archaic look. The nicely understated design, the coloured natural varnish and the pleasant feel of the candlesticks’ oak finish complete the Berendsohn Blue Line Collection range.