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Unique creations

The fine arts find their impressive platform in museums. In everyday life, they bring colour and joy into our lives. Illustrated and decorated by artists, everyday things become "everyday art". We are very happy to have had the chance to work with extraordinary artists for many years and to develop our very own "everyday art" with them.

The results of this fruitful collaboration are unique promotional gifts with high recognition value. These gifts tell imaginative little stories and are everybody's instant favourites. Some of our products even take a leap from promotional gift to collectible item. Our Cool series is a great example.

Die Schlumper

"Die Schlumper" are a group of Hamburg artists with various disabilities and a wide range of artistic visions. Unlike many other artist groups, they have formed a studio community without an overriding concept.

Their first studio was opened in 1984 in the Stadthaus Schlump, a facility that gave the group their name and served as a branch of the Alsterdorfer Anstalten, an institute for people with mental disabilities. Thanks to exhibitions in Germany and abroad, several media items and TV reports as well as books and catalogues, the group has become an art institution, whose fame reaches far beyond the Hamburg city limits. Since 2002, the group members have been independent artists employed by alsterarbeit gGmbH, marketing their works to earn regular salaries.

Our Cool series features porcelain mugs with many different designs, with new "Schlumper" designs being added on a regular basis.



In Germany, Gustavo is considered to be one of the most famous contemporary Spanish artists. He is particularly known for his colourful, somewhat bizarre and definitely unique figures. 

His works draw inspiration from Joan Miró, Jimi Hendrix or Woody Allen. In his almost 20 years of successful work in Berlin from the 1970s to the 1990s, he left his mark on the cityscape. After periods in Barcelona, Paris and Brussels, the artist, who was born in 1939, now lives in the northeast of Majorca.

Michael Poliza

Michael Poliza, a native of Hamburg, began as a versatile entrepreneur and is now one of the world's most sought-after nature photographers. Even though he stumbled on photography by accident. When he was in his early thirties, Michael decided to withdraw from management of his company in order to see the world and take pictures of nature.

His willingness to take risks as an entrepreneur, his curiosity and drive to discover new things and a bit of luck made Michael Poliza what he is today: A passionate, intense photographer, who has cultivated a different view of the world.

Michael Poliza has published classic coffee-table books as well as special editions or limited collectors' editions His photos and stories are published around the world, in publications such as Stern, DB Magazine, Lufthansa Magazine, Paris Match, Sunday Times and German Vogue.


Diego Arango Arango (DAA)

The Colombian painter Diego Arango Arango (DAA), who now lives on the island of Majorca, is known as one of the "sophisticated naives" of the international arts scene. After his degree studies in architecture and graphic design at the universities of Bogotá and Madrid, he worked for the United Nations and other important clients.

He became famous around the world for his dream paintings full of symbolism and mythical riddles. His art is strongly influenced by pre-Colombian culture. Arango breathes new life into the old stories and gives them hypnotic power, strong colours and universal symbols.

Sonia Renard

The French painter Sonia Renard was born in Tours. She studied painting, printed graphics and sculpture at the Sorbonne in Paris and at the Fine Arts Academy in Braunschweig. After about two decades of creative work in Hamburg, Sonia now lives in southern Brittany, France.

Her work is characterised by painted, drawn and graphic symbols. Her inimitable style is a combination of animal and plant motifs, technological objects, computer symbols and old manuscripts of myths and legends.



Kitty Kahane

Kitty Kahane is one of the most famous artists in Berlin. The illustrator, designer and painter studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin-Weißensee and trained at the Meißen porcelain manufacture. With her inimitable style, she illustrates books, designs porcelain and even created stamps.

Kitty Kahane had exhibitions in Berlin, Paris, Hanover, Frankfurt, Cologne, Luxembourg and Zurich. She has worked for renowned companies including JAB Anstoetz, Rosenthal and Volkswagen. Her illustrations won several award, e.g. from the Art Directors Club and the foundation Stiftung Buchkunst.


Gernot Gunga

Cartoonist Gernot Gunga lives and works just outside of Hamburg. At his home in the Sachsenwald, he creates an entire zoo of beavers, dogs, penguins, chickens, foxes, rabbits and pigs - he scans his hand-drawn sketches and adds colour on the digital drawing tablet.

Humour in idyllic surroundings, turning a romantic ambience into absurd everyday life - these are the ideas behind Gunga's cartoons. He hides human vanity and linguistic wit under fur and feathers. Without any claim of perfection, but with a sharp eye for details, his countless drawings have one thing in common: They show the human animal with a smile.


Sibylle Bauhaus

Sibylle Bauhaus was born in the Lower Rhine region, became a typesetter in Husum and studied graphic design in Hamburg. She stayed in the city and now works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.

Her "little everyday heroes" made Sybille Bauhaus popular. Some characters and animals are too chubby (their fur stretches like a too tight sweater), some are too big, too lopsided or have droopy ears. Some lie in wait behind a flower; others make a lot of mischief. But all her illustrations tell a little story - about the moment just before the buttered bread lands sunny side down on the floor.


Tim Hupkes

The Dutch artist Tim Hupkes was born in Arnheim and studied advertising at the Willem de Kooning Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam. Her drawings, illustrations and digital compositions reflect a humorous, colourful world. 

Tim Hupkes experiments with traditional symbols from the world of art and contemporary metaphors. Her sensuous, youthful, exuberant and colourful works are filled with poetry and dreamy imagination.


Bruno Marco Antonio Giurini & Jörn Sternhagen

Bruno Marco Antonio Giurini
Bruno Marco Antorio Giurini was born in 1939 in Zagreb, Croatia. In 1957, he emigrated to Italy. As defender in the Italian junior national team, nicknamed "The Slav", he experienced his first victories. His artistic inspiration came from the painter Bernado Bosi. Bruno Giurini moved to Germany in 1960.

Since 1965, he has worked as scene painter, scene sculptor and set designer for the theatres in Kiel, the state capital of Schleswig-Holstein. The same year, he joined the federal artists' association, Bundesverband Bildender Künstler, Schleswig-Holstein. During his time at the Niederdeutsche Bühne Kiel, he saw several directors come and go and even tried his acting talents on several different roles. Today, he is focusing on the good things in life - family, good food and art.

Jörn Sternhagen
Jörn Sternhagen, born in Cuxhaven, trained as a cook and restaurant specialist at the Four Seasons in Hamburg between 1982 and 1986. At the same time, he trained as a sommelier. After living and working in Fredensborg, Cuxhaven and Heidelberg, Jörn Sternhagen, his wife Claudia and their four small children landed by accident on the North Friesian island of Föhr.

During the tourist season, guests can meet Jörn Sternhagen at his romantic country home and experience his talents as a chef and poet. He cooks three-course menus and adds poetry slam performances between courses, reciting his "dish poetry". It is an entertaining evening with fine food.

Bruno Marco Antonio Giurini and Jörn Sternhagen teamed up to create the Christmas Collection 2014. Jörn Sternhagen composed the recipes and added his dish poetry, while Bruno Giurini added his excellent illustrations to the poetry.