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Social responsibility

Social commitment

Berendsohn AG is a modern, responsible company in the hanseatic tradition. For us, it goes without saying that we share our success. We have supported local social projects for many years. Here, we would like to present to you some of institutions we support and some of our own social projects:

Herzenswünsche e.V.

 Herzenswünsche e.V. (Heart's Desire) is a non-profit organisation working all over Germany to fulfil the dearest wishes of children and teenagers suffering from serious illnesses. Berendsohn AG helps make these wishes come true.

Children's hospice Sternenbrücke

We are a regular supporter of the children's hospice  Sternenbrücke (Star Bridge) in Hamburg-Rissen. The hospice offers children with terminal illnesses and short life expectancy a kind and comfortable environment. Here, the children and their families can make the most of their remaining time together.

Die Schlumper

The Hamburg-based artist group  Die Schlumper (named after the neighbourhood where the group was founded) is proof positive that people with mental or intellectual disabilities can be excellent artists. Their expressive, sensual works of art exude positive energy and charm museums, galleries and collectors alike. The Schlumper artists regularly contribute new designs to the Berendsohn ceramics series Cool.



Our social commitment is complemented by our efforts for environmental and climate protection. In our daily business activities and our strategic planning, we factor in many environmental aspects. The following is a selection of projects from our portfolio, some of them with internationally renowned partners:

B.A.U.M. (Bundesdeutscher Arbeitskreis für Umweltbewusstes Management)

In our partnership with  B.A.U.M., the German task force for eco-conscious management, we focus on the sensible use and conservation of resources. We use electricity generated with renewable energy, our car pool is being replaced with low-emission vehicles, the paper products we use for packaging and communication are FSC-certified as much as possible, we separate our waste, use recycled materials and optimize our production processes to put our commitment to eco-responsibility into practice.

WWF Germany (World Wide Fund for Nature)

As part of the nature protection project "Schaalsee", Berendsohn AG and the  WWF created a tree sponsorship project. Between 2008 and 2010, a total of 45,000 trees were planted in the former border region comprising 30,000 hectares

Mechow- The customer project

In 2008, Berendsohn AG planted 15,000 copper beeches, oaks, ashes and hornbeams as well as other domestic trees in an area near the town of Mechow. The measure was designed to connect an existing forest with Lake Mechow. We presented our customers with limited edition tree sponsor keyrings as a token of our commitment.

Mustin - Our customers' customers become tree sponsors

The first tree sponsorship project in 2008 offered our customers an opportunity to sponsor trees. We received overwhelming positive feedback. Many of our customers asked if they could share this conservation effort with their customers. In 2009, we were able to realize this idea and planted another 15,000 trees. In its second year, the project received much more attention and identification far beyond our company. All participants received the limited edition tree sponsor keyring "Schaalsee".

Salem Marshlands - the latest planted area

We planted another 15,000 trees around the Salem Marshlands in order to create an important buffer zone protecting the sensitive biosphere. As a biotope, moors and marshlands are an important part of a functioning ecosystem, especially for brooding birds and rate plants. Our customers received the tree sponsor keyrings, this time as a limited edition entitled "Growth", which they were free to pass on to their business partners and friends.

More information:  WWF Germany

Berendsohn Blue Line Collection

Lasting products in a fast-paced world. Made from renewable and recyclable materials. That is our idea of eco-responsibility. End-of-life recycling is also a part of this concept.

Conscious and sustainable use of resources was the starting point for the development of this design collection. In reducing the design to relevant functions and natural materials, the form followed our idea. To meet the challenges of sustainable product development and exceptional design, we brought in some of the best design studios.

The Berendsohn Blue Line Collection is mainly produced in Germany. This means that we can ensure our high quality standards, avoid long transports and significantly reduce logistical CO2 emissions. The WWF Germany supported the project and added ideas.